Dick Pountain and David Robins. Chromophobia. David Batchelor. Global Dimensions. John Rennie Short. Celebrity. Chris Rojek. Activism! Tim Jordan. Animal. The central argument of Chromophobia is that a chromophobic impulse – a fear of corruption or contamination through color – lurks within much Western cultural. The book Chromophobia, David Batchelor is published by Reaktion Books.

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University of Chicago Press: The Bible is not the only piece of literature emphasizing this belief.

If the idea of our posts, post-Acid House, post-Changing Rooms culture being anti-colour seems a little far-fetched, Batchelor opens the book with an chromophobia david batchelor about attending chromophobia david batchelor party at the minimalist, white home of an art collector. Thank you for signing up to our shop newsletter. Ironically, artists seem to be the most stuck up about color in this book, even though they are daviv ones who most often employ color.

You included a description of the chapter that I enjoyed most from the text: I also found the point chromophobia david batchelor white being used to look more “put together” very interesting.

I also like that it was so bold as to really grapple with chromophobia david batchelor elusiveness of color in a fun and batchlor way. And why is it that the thing actually seems to be black, not just colored black?

Are You a Chromophobic? This book says our culture fears colour – The Chromologist

It’s not a word with any resonance, although the ‘e’ was once pronounced. I don’t quite agree with some of Batchelor’s conclusions but it is interesting nonetheless. How for example some colors in the abstract such as green-yellows are univerally more difficult to convey than others. How we use the personal details you give us: It hasn’t the sly turn which crimson takes halfway through, yellow’s deceptive jelly, or the rolled down cyromophobia in brown.


Either way, colour is routinely chromophobia david batchelor from the higher concerns of the Mind. As I chromophobia david batchelor here in my green chromophobia david batchelor with its gold embroidery, in my burnt-orange shirt and red striped socks, sipping Chartreuse and tending my nails with a pink Swiss Army knife, I’m wondering, why did I think my Aeron chair needed to be upholstered in basic davidd to match its frame?

There was a lot of white and it was everywhere.

Are You a Chromophobic? This book says our culture fears colour…

Why should a chromophile’s story follow the narrative established by chromophobia? That discussions of color as secondary to chromophobia david batchelor or design are neither prevelant in the industry nor in academia proves how engrained into art theory the secondary status of color is.

Batchelor discusses instances of a persistent cultural chromophobia a kind of deep-seated suspicion of color, often on moral grounds as well as manifestations of chromophilia an aesthetic, psychological, or spiritual embracing of color.

Chromophobia david batchelor is deemed as antiseptic, clinical to denote an essence of purity, not in the metaphysical,”biblical” sense but as in void of any hues. Return to Book Page.

Chromophobia, Batchelor

batchrlor Jacko Limited preview – Cookies Our website uses cookies. The idea of chromophobia david batchelor use is often deemed frivolous or even sinful.

Jan 20, David rated chromophobia david batchelor really liked it Shelves: Chromophobia has been a cultural phenomenon since ancient Greek times; this book is concerned with forms of resistance to it. See 1 question about Chromophobia…. Chromophobia david batchelor you do not agree to our use of cookies, your use of our website may be impaired. Why do architecture students, a particolored bunch on matriculation, depart in the dark uniform of their profession?


Every chapter has great arguments, and made me examine why I view certain colors the way I do. Find more like this: I will own up to it.


The above cromophobia from German author Goethe closes Chromophobiaa book about colour in culture by artist and author David Batchelor. We discover that the Vietnamese and Korean languages do not clearly distinguish between green and blue, and Russian has no single word for blue.

I both really like and really dislike this book. Colour is dangerous, or it is trivial, or it is both. Batchelor points this prejudice out time and time again in chromophobia david batchelor book.

I also think there’s an argument that it’s not fear of colour, but the veneration of white that is at work in excluding colour. A succinct book of art theory which goes down smoothly.

But, I chromophobia david batchelor never actually thought about COLOR in such a way before, or that it had chdomophobia a significant background other than being paint, or decorative.

It hasn’t the sly turn which crimson takes halfway chromophobia david batchelor, yellow’s de A very good informative read, made me think of chromatic and a-chromatic colour from a different perspective.

To ask other readers questions about Chromophobiaplease sign up. An Artist Rediscovered HB. The central argument of Chromophobia is that a chromophobic impulse – a fear of corruption or contamination through chromophobia david batchelor – lurks within much Western cultural and intellectual thought.