The Interpretation of Dreams By Ibn Sirin (Darul Taqwa) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Interpretation of Dreams By Ibn Sirin (Darul. Among the masters and scholars in the field of dream interpretation, Eastern people easily recognize the name of Imam Muhammad Ibn Seer’in (God bless his . 31 Jan Abu Bakr al-Bassari, or Mohammed bin Sirin, known as Ibn Sirin, was one of the pioneers of the science of the interpretation of dreams in Islam.

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River — In a dream, a river represents a noble and a great person.

Murky waters in a dream signify worries and fearing a great man. A book or a letter in a dream also signifies fame or public knowledge. If one sees a king, or a ruler swallowing the Holy Book in a dream, it means that he may die soon. ibn sirin interpretation of dreams

To walk on water, whether it is the sea or a river in a dream means good spiritual standing, religious assiduousness and a strong faith and determination. Will consolidate ibn sirin interpretation of dreams grip. Ibn Sirin Crossing a River — Crossing a river or stream suggests relief dreamss grief, sorrow and fear.

Ibn Sirin – Wikipedia

Ibn Sirin had a close relationship with his mother. If one sees a ruler or a governor handwriting a copy of the Holy Book in a dream, it means that he is a just person who uses the divine laws in making his decision.

The river will cast him up to the bank, and he slrin be taken up by one who is an enemy to Me, and an enemy to him. Ibn Sirin did not seek to gain fortunes from his innate instincts and in interpreting dreams. Ibn Sirinislamic dream interpretation. Seeing or receiving a blank letter or a book from someone ibn sirin interpretation of dreams a dream means absence of his news, or not knowing where he lives. Stream — A stream or small river wherein a person normally does not drown is the same as a river except that in most cased it symbolizes a glad tiding and a clean, joyful life.

Please help improve this section by ibn sirin interpretation of dreams citations to reliable sources. The interpretation turned out to be exactly inb the Imaam had stated! If a king, a ruler, or a judge sees that the Holy Book does no longer exist, or if he sees it burning, or if its contents are washed away in a dream, it means his death.


Holy Book Dream Explanation — The Ibn sirin interpretation of dreams Book in a dream also represents gardens, heavens, places of worship, or a person one is commanded to obey, such as a ruler, or a father, a mother, one’s teacher, or sheikh, or it could mean making a true oof, receiving glad tidings, admonition or a warning.

The Holy Book in a dream also represents a husband, a wife, a son, or wealth. Seeing one of the heavenly rivers of paradise in a dream means prosperity. The original ArabicGreek and Toscano’s Latin texts seem not to have survived and this is ibn sirin interpretation of dreams second of three Italian editions of the sixteenth century, the others interpreyation in and AD. Will acquire further knowledge, prestige, and power over his equals. For instance, it tells a story about Imam Shafe’i who ibn sirin interpretation of dreams in AH.

If a religious scholar or a theologian sees himself writing a copy of Holy Book in a dream, it means that he will profit from a business deal. But if such a river or stream contain mud, filth or continues to swell, it suggest the observer of the dram will break off his relationship with his neighbour, son or an intimate friend and establish new relations with someone else.

They will all be destroyed. The ruler will die, his money will go, or his prime minister will be ibn sirin interpretation of dreams. His father Muhammad was a copper potter artisan and came to work in Ain al-Tamer. I said to siriin, “If there were any good in myself, I too would see what these people see. Before Anas died in Basra in 83 AH in the days of the rule of Al-Walid Ibn Abd al-Malik, he requested that Ibn Sirin should ibn sirin interpretation of dreams the one leading the funeral prayers and washing him, but inn problem was that Ibn Sirin was imprisoned at the time.

If he is travelling in a foreign country, it means that he will find a way back to his mother land, where he will find happiness again. If one looks into the pages of the Holy Book and finds its lines crooked in a dream, it means that he lives satisfied with what he has, and fulfils his required duties accordingly.

Ibn Sirin: Islamic Dream Interpretation: Here: “Seeing ‘river’ in your dream

As for his mother, she was called Safia and she was ibn sirin interpretation of dreams by Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, before she was freed. If during his swim one meets a ship that pulls him out of the waters, or to which he holds or grabs, it also means escape from adversities. If the river runs through the streets and markets, and if one sees people bathing in it iibn taking their ritual ablution in it in one way or another it in a dream, such a ibn sirin interpretation of dreams then represents the justice of a ruler.

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The “Stone of Ismail” Hijr-Ismail is a short wall arch forming a semi-circle separate from the northern part If there is any good for me with You, then show me a dream so that Allah’s Apostle may interpret it for me.

Kawthar — Plenitude; Abundance; A river in paradise. If he is seeking marriage, it ibn sirin interpretation of dreams the denial of his request. Six Houthi leaders among hundreds killed in al-Malahiz in Saada. This day we cannot cope with Goliath and his forces.

If he is a merchant, it means sigin he will suffer losses in his business. I narrated this dream to my sister Hafsa and she told it to Allah’s Apostle Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam. Will conquer a country or overrun a bastion and be highly praised. I was a young unmarried man ibn sirin interpretation of dreams the lifetime of the Prophet Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam. Doha regime accountable for preventing Hajj by Qataris.

Seeing a book in a dream also could signify recovering from an illness.

How are we doing? He said to me, interpretqtion not be afraid, you will be an excellent man if you only pray more often. Book Dream Explanation — Holding to a sealed bookdecree, or a letter in a dream also signifies abiding by the rules of one’s superior. The former also sees himself pinning his foe to the ground by means of four ibn sirin interpretation of dreams. His main book is A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams is considered an important reference until today.