8 Dec The two volume Report of the Committee on Reforms of. Criminal Justice System, chaired by Justice Malimath,4 acknowledges the inspiration. 24 Jan The Centre decided to revisit the report of the Justice V.S. Malimath Committee on reforming the criminal justice system. 18 Jan The Union government is considering to revisit the Malimath Committee report on reforms in the criminal justice system. Malimath Committee.

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Recommendations of the Malimath Committee on reforms of Criminal Justice System

Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. A similar mechanism may be devised at the State, District, and Rfport Station level. The Centre would malimath committee report well to ignore the recommendations relating to making confessions to high-ranking officers admissible, and increasing the period of police custody from 15 to 30 days. The Committee has given deep consideration to intertwined and inter-dependent professional crimes in Indian as well as international background.

Courts and Judges There is gross inadequacy of judges to cope up the enormous pendency and new inflow malimath committee report cases. In several countries in the world including the countries following the inquisitorial system, the standard is proof on ‘preponderance reoprt probabilities.

Offences, Sentence, Sentencing and Compounding Since the IPC was enacted in the yearmay developments have taken place, new forms of crimes have come into existence, punishment for some crimes are proving grossly inadequate and the need for imposing only fine as a sentence for smaller offences is felt. The Committee recommends that a suitable provision should be made empowering the court to maliamth an alternative to default sentence, community service for a specified time.

Persons in service should be malimath committee report periodical in-service rrport. Please log in to add your comment. Even if part of the assets confiscated and forfeited in organized crime and financial frauds is also made committtee of the fund and if it is managed efficiently, there will be no paucity of malimath committee report for this well conceived reform.

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The Malimath Committee’s recommendations on reforms in the criminal justice system in 20 points

Therefore, it is recommended that a mechanism by name ‘Serious Fraud Office’ be established by an act of Parliament with strong provisions to enable them to investigate and launch prosecution promptly. Representative to malimath committee report human rights enforcement in Nigeria [7] and Sri Lanka.

As a man can be punished under Section malimath committee report the IPC for committee, malimath committee report having sexual intercourse with a wife of another man, it stands to reason that wife should likewise be punished if she has intercourse with another married man. To achieve these objectives, the following recommendations are made: The Law Commission has already made its recommendations on this.


The summary procedure prescribed by Section to commiittee the Code, if exercised properly, would quicken the pace of justice malimath committee report. Views Read Edit View history. Copy code to clipboard.

The Committee recommends that: The mere entrustment of the power of appointment to the National Judicial Commission will not ensure the appointment of competent and upright judges. This requires laying down the reprt qualifications, experience, qualities and attributes that are needed in a good judge and also the prescription of objective criteria to apply to the overall background of the candidate. This is a major cause of failure of the system.

Send the link below via email or IM Copy. At present, a large number of cases in which punishment malimath committee report two years and less are tried as summons cases. This is to be organized in a separate legislation by Parliamanet.

However, the State may appoint as Special Public Prosecutor any member of the Bar for malimath committee report class of cases for a specified period.

Malijath is discussed in the chapter on ‘Police Investigations. Rights malimath committee report the Accused The accused has several rights guaranteed to him under the Constitution and relevant laws. In the malimath committee report backdrop the following recommendations are made: Hence husband and other members of the family are arrested and can be behind the bars which may result in husband losing his job. Police are employed to perform multifarious duties and quite often the important work of expeditious investigations gets relegated in priority.


Police Investigation The machinery of Criminal Justice System is put into gear when an offence is malimath committee report and then investigated. They have been liberally extended by the decisions of the Supreme Court. They should develop and share intelligence tools and databases, which would help investigation and prosecution of cases.

This offence is non-bailable and non-compoundable. The Committee on balance felt that, maliimath fair trial and in particular, fairness to the accused, are better protected in the adversarial system. In many countries there are laws prescribing sentencing guidelines. However, the number malimqth cases which are presently tried ccommittee is quite small and maximum punishment that can be given after a summary trial is three months.

Malimath Committee’s recommendations on reforms in the criminal justice system. |

The number of agencies for regulation and investigation have also increased. Such appeal shall lie to the court to which an appeal ordinarily lies malimath committee report the order of conviction of such a court. More presentations by Surabhi Grover 1. Hence, the following recommendations are made: The Committee after careful assessment of the standards of proof came the conclusion malimath committee report the standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt presently followed in criminal cases should be done away with and recommended in its malimath committee report a standard of proof lower than ‘proof beyond reasonable doubt’ and higher than the standard of ‘proof on preponderance of probabilities.