Rehras Sahib (Punjabi: ਰਹਰਾਸਿ ਸਾਹਿਬ), commonly known as Sodar Rehras, is the daily Dev and Guru Gobind Singh. Complete Rehras Sahib {PDF}. Explore, Learn, Relish Rehraas Sahib with audio at ‘Rehras Sahib Path’ app let you read and listen to ‘Rehras Sahib’ on your mobile. You can read ‘Rehras Sahib in Hindi’ ‘in Punjabi or ‘in English’. Also read.

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The One who created the day also created the night. There are so many Ragas rehraas sahib full path musical harmonies to You; so many minstrels sing hymns of You. That Lord does not die; there is no reason to mourn. This Virtue is His alone; there is no other like Him. The Sahb is Inaccessible, Unreachable and Unrivalled.

It will also help liberate the mind and soul. That Primal Being is Immaculate and Pure.

He shall not depart, even when this Universe which He has created departs. Even if everyone were to gather together and speak of Him, vadaa na hovai ghaat na jaa-ay. Even if I try, nothing happens.


You are the River of Life; all are within You. Khalsa Sundar Gutka contains the daily and extended Sikh Prayers. All rehraaa beings are Your playthings.

English to Oriya Dictionary. There is no other as Great as You. They are liberated, they are liberated-those who meditate on the Lord. Chitr and Gupt, the angels of the conscious and the subconscious who keep the record of actions, and rehraas sahib full path Righteous Judge of Dharma who reads aahib record, sing of You.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are constant in each and every heart, and in all things. rehraas sahib full path

Rehras sahib in english

The flamingoes fly hundreds of miles, leaving their young ones behind. Japji Sahib Paath with Audio. I offer my humble prayer to You, O Guru. The Pandits, the religious scholars who recite the Vedas, with the rwhraas sages of all the ages, sing of You.

When feeling tired, Sikhs, upon returning to home, have a wash and change into their indoor clothing and then together with the rest of their family recite this Bani. The Gurmukhs obtain it, and the self-willed manmukhs lose it.


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. What Virtues of Yours can I speak of and describe? One who sings it, is carried across. Forever and ever, You sahi the One. Raag Rehraas sahib full path, Fifth Mehl: Those who forget their Lord and Master are vile and despicable.

Rehras sahib in english

For You, many, for You, so very many read the various Simritees and Shaastras. True is the Master, True is His Name. His Value cannot be estimated; He fulp be described. O Dear Lord, you are the One.