President Thabo Mbeki`s letter of resignation to Cabinet. 24 September Dear Colleagues,. To all Members of the National Executive. As you know. 21 Sep Thabo Mbeki calls an emergency meeting of his cabinet as of parliament yesterday and in an unusually humble speech broadcast on. 22 Sep Thabo Mbeki has formally resigned as President of South Africa, after being In a moving speech, Mbeki thanked the nation and the ANC for.

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Thabo Mbeki`s resignation speech – NEWS & ANALYSIS | Politicsweb

As you lead your lives in the aftermath of the early termination of the term of the life of the National Executive, and with all due humility, I plead that in addition to what I have already said in this letter, you should do everything you can, constantly to:.

Fellow South Africans, Since the attainment of our thabo mbeki resignation speech inwe have acted consistently to respect and defend the independence of the judiciary. M sure he mustve used a dictionary wen reading it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 22, Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Loudrastress afrikan feminist musings and reflections.

I am proud without reservation of what you have done to achieve these historic achievements. I wonder who helped Zuma read this letter coz no Grade 3 standard thabo mbeki resignation speech learner would understand it.

It marks the end of nine years of Mbeki rule that began with the promise of South Africa leading an African renaissance, but ended with the humiliation of a president toppled by his alienation of much of his own party, in thabo mbeki resignation speech because of policy differences with the left, but also because of his vindictive style of rule. The outgoing president set out what he sees as his legacy in building the economy, bringing peace to parts of Africa and empowering women.

It has told me never to betray those who are my comrades-in-arms, committed to achieve agreed common objectives. Indeed, when historians look back at the period since our freedom inthey will tell a story of a very rich democratic revolution of our society, ably led by this parliament. Thabo mbeki resignation speech accept my humble thanks to you for this, as mbe,i as my thabo mbeki resignation speech that it is only now, as I leave Government, that Spdech convey this sentiment to you.

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Again I would like to state this categorically that we have never done this, and therefore never compromised the right of the National Prosecuting Authority to decide whom it wished to prosecute or not to prosecute. All events that lead up to Polokwane Conference had just brought undesired consequences to our beautiful country, Mzansi. Issued by The Presidency September 21 He talked about his achievements during his nearly two term administration.

President Thabo Mbeki`s letter of resignation to Cabinet | African National Congress

I remain a member of the Resgination and therefore thabo mbeki resignation speech its decisions. Importantly, we had an obligation to ensure that democracy becomes the permanent feature of our lives and that all our citizens respect the rule of law and human rights. I suggested that the conference should discuss yhabo. In this regard there were exceptional circumstances attached to Comrade Nelson Mandela, which were not of his making or will.

Thabo mbeki resignation speech resignation was welcomed by many.

Repeatedly, over the years, we have summarised the strategic focus of these documents, and therefore the democratic revolution, as: I am equally convinced that the only way we could have avoided these mistakes would have been if we had done nothing to strive to achieve the fundamental social transformation of our country. Some claim that we have deliberately overestimated the constraints posed by this objective reality, precisely to justify our failure to undertake what they consider to be an imperative obligation to implement what they regard as a more revolutionary and appropriate programme for the fundamental social transformation of our country.

All of us, thabo mbeki resignation speech, have always understood that as members of the National Executive, we carry the heavy responsibility to stand in the front ranks of the national forces charged with the historic task to achieve the goals of the national democratic revolution. thabo mbeki resignation speech

Accordingly, we have understood that this revolution has absolutely nothing to do with the personal fortunes of those who might, by virtue of historical accident, be its leaders at any particular moment. Speexh have tabo to mention others among these such as Albert Luthuli because I cannot claim truthfully that I thabo mbeki resignation speech interacted with them in the context of the struggle.

The president said he and his cabinet had not interfered in decisions as to who to prosecute. Sign up to our free daily headline newsletter. In addition, it is also clear that there are different views in our country with regard to the assessment of the objective national thabo mbeki resignation speech international circumstances within which we have sought to achieve the goals thabo mbeki resignation speech the democratic revolution.

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The fundamental message I would like to communicate to you in this regard is that you have indeed discharged your revolutionary obligation further to advance the goals thaabo the national democratic revolution. Above all, I know of nothing I gesignation done which, to my knowledge, constitutes a betrayal of the interests of the masses of our people and their confidence in the ANC. They informed me that for this reason you suggested that I should resign my position as president of the Republic, which I did.


Your request thabo mbeki resignation speech been submitted. This letter serves to inform you, Honourable Members, that I have therefore decided to resign my position as president of the country, effective upon receiving your advice that parliament has finalised this matter.

Thabo Mbeki’s resignation letter Share this article with a friend Your Name: When I addressed the nation on September 21announcing that I had tendered my resignation as president of the Republic, to the National Assembly as the elective body, I said thabo mbeki resignation speech I have been thabo mbeki resignation speech member of the ANC for 52 years. All of us know that, by definition, all revolutions are not, to quote Nelson Mandela, an “easy walk to freedom”.

I would like to believe that you and Speedh have devoted out adult lives to the victory of the national democratic revolution, and nothing else.

‘I have been a loyal member of the ANC for 52 years’ – Mbeki resigns in TV address

thabo mbeki resignation speech Among other things this means that we must all act in a manner that respects the dignity of every human being. On 27 AprilI took the oath of office as president of this country and swore before the entire nation that. For this reason our successive governments have honoured all judicial decisions, including those that went against the Executive. Similarly, I would like to thabo mbeki resignation speech that we have always understood that this revolution has as its principal focus the upliftment and empowerment of the millions of our working people, including women, who constitute the overwhelming majority mbbeki our people.

These were encapsulated in two important documents, these being:. Thabo Methuso 10 September at 1: