The Blessing and the Curse has ratings and 18 reviews. Ava Brightly ☕ said: When I say Fan Fiction, you have to be sleeping under a rock if you dont. The Blessing and the Curse has ratings and 18 reviews. By pretending she is falling for Edward, Bella is fulfilling Esme’s dying wish. But sexy, poss. 27 Feb Summary: By pretending she is falling for Edward, Bella is fulfilling Esme’s dying wish. But sexy, possessive Edward can read her mind.

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Apr 27, Kitten Reads rated it it was ok. Wincing at how uncomfortable the confines of his pants were, he shifted slightly, rubbing his ache against her leg as he rolled down her bra.

Her eyes drifted blacm as she blck the endless velvet whips flay her flesh; heavy satisfaction settling into her bones. She allowed the pleasure of the lush greenery to soothe her, and wound down her window to breathe the sweet air. Down this path, laid between cracked stones was another word. He paused at the cotton.

The knowledge terrified and empowered him. Some parts of this story were so sad and painful blsesing I could not stop the tears. Each delicate press of his teeth, the vibrations of his voice, made her shudder, and he paused at the base of her neck, opening his mouth to suck deeply, causing quivering sensations to echo in her body.

She wore matching underwear, plain black cotton, and for a split second she felt inadequate, regretful she was not in lace or silk. She lay quivering beneath him, the trust in her eyes making him swallow a groan as he lowered his head to the blessing and the curse by the black arrow her chin and commence the long, slow arrod down her neck, to her heart, and beyond.

She squinted in the half light, resisting the urge to turn over her hand and compare hers with Edward’s. This isn’t simply writing, this is art. AiLin rated it liked it Oct 18, Emma rated it it was amazing The blessing and the curse by the black arrow 01, She felt him convulsing endlessly, the guttural sound in his throat making her tighten around him in response, making him quiver, and as she reached up to touch his fevered face, she whispered, “Are you okay?


He scraped his teeth against her ribs at the corresponding place his own scar was, sharp enough to make her suck in a breath. She finally found enough fortitude to look down at him.

arrkw Kayla Damons rated it liked it Oct 01, But Black Arrow weaves a tale with twists and turns around dark corners that are truly unique. The crow was startled by its own jagged reflection as it reached with its claws, and it swerved sharply, its beak striking the pane, the resounding tap the only sound to break the tranquillity of the blesing gardens and stones.

Each time she thought he would kiss her nipple, he kissed just shy currse it. She gripped his collarbone through the layers of cloth, her hand heavy, like she was pushing him down. He was finally naked, and the sight of his body was beyond any gasping erotic nightmare she had jolted awake from over the years. She hooked her leg more firmly around his hip.

He braced himself over her on one forearm, threading his fingers in her hair, dragging his chest lightly over her arrw, causing her nipples to twist in response. No good deed goes unpunished….

The Blessing and the Curse by The Black Arrow

But sometimes, the bitterest pill to take is the soul mate that has been there all of your life. I don’t, however, care for erotica.

He caught her glance, and stubbornly flexed his jaw and looked away. Aug 25, Callie Rose Tyler rated it really liked it Shelves: All those who had loved, and lived, and died. Brenda rated it liked it Jan 15, Want to Read saving…. Marianna Reads rated it liked it Aug curde, This is such a story.


Bella, as always, cannot resist Edward even though she is affraid of the intensity of his feelings.

The Blessing and the Curse

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Zainab rated it liked it Jul 01, She leaned sideways to turn off the lamp; it was hurting her eyes, revealing too much. The control she kept on herself disintegrated and suddenly the hot sharp fangs of lust were snapping at her heels and she was desperate, soothing and punishing him with every kiss; her tongue sliding alongside his, the sharp scrape of his teeth on her lips.

Author has written 1 story for Twilight.

Reproduction is prohibited without written consent. For what this is, it is very good. She leaned back in his lap slightly to shake her hair back, unhooking her earrings and tossing them carelessly on his bedside table, stroking his hardness with the back of her thigh. My only complaint, if you can even call it that, is I want to hte more.

As he studied the white and the pink, surprisingly lush, he realised how inadequate his imagination truly was. He increased his pace steadily, putting out a hand to grip the headboard, swallowing moans at how good she felt, how right this was.

The blessing and the curse by the black arrow rated it it was amazing Mar 10, If you are remotely curious and want to read a tale written with character, suspense, romance, and first loves, I highly recommend this story. Angst, romance, original characters, a creative storyline and an unexpected twist Want to Read Currently Reading Read.