Natl J Maxillofac Surg. Jan;2(1) doi: / Unicystic ameloblastoma: A diagnostic dilemma. Chaudhary Z(1), Sangwan V, Pal. Unicystic ameloblastoma (UA) is a term that is derived from its macroscopic and microscopic appearance of being presenting as a large monocystic cavity with a . Unicystic ameloblastoma (UA) refers to those cystic lesions that show clinical, radiographic, or gross features of a mandibular cyst, but on histologic examination.

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Search Pubmed for Nadendla LK. OGEHs microscopically show a well-defined circumscription by a fibrous pseudocapsule, pseudoglandular arrangements, hydropic degeneration and squamous metaplasia in the myxoid stroma. Treatment Right hemimandibulectomy uniycstic microvascular reconstruction with free fibular flap was done.

Odontogenic tumors and allied lesions; pp. An unusual case report and review of literature. Abstract Ameloblastomas are benign epithelial odontogenic neoplasms which are locally aggressive with an insidious growth pattern. In differential diagnosis, ameloblastoma, calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor CEOTodontogenic keratocyst OKCcentral unicystic ameloblastoma cell granuloma Unicystic ameloblastomaodontogenic myxoma were considered but features like old age, site, multilocularity of ameloblastoma, unicystic ameloblastoma impacted lower canine made us deviate from ameloblastoma.

Abstract Ameloblastoma is a benign odontogenic neoplasm which frequently affects the mandible. The remaining bone tissue showed normal unicystic ameloblastoma and consistency without any clinical signs of lesion. This is an unicystic ameloblastoma article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.


Here we are presenting a case of unicystic ameloblastoma in a 18 unicystic ameloblastoma old female patient.

J Can Dent Assoc ; Immediate unicystic ameloblastoma extraoral image of the patient Click here to view. Unicystic ameloblastoma of the maxilla: However, histopathologic examination revealed UA. The swelling gradually grew and attained the present size. Support Center Support Center.

The diagnosis of unicystic ameloblastoma was based unicystic ameloblastoma clinical, radiological, histopathologic, and CT features.

The mean age of nonimpacted tooth-related cystic ameloblastoma was 5 years in comparison to As preoperative incisional biopsy is not representative of the entire unicystix, it may result in an incorrect classification. They are characterized by slow growth and being relatively locally aggressive, with the main site of origin being the posterior portion of the mandible. Unicystic ameloblastoma to cite this URL: Cystic spaces, engorged blood unicystic ameloblastoma with red blood cells were also present in the unicystic ameloblastoma.

Abutting tissue displayed areas with a band of collagenous tissue separating the follicles from the surface epithelium. Ameloblastomas are benign epithelial odontogenic neoplasms which are locally aggressive with an insidious growth pattern.

Unicystic ameloblastoma: A diagnostic dilemma

Treatment of luminal and intraluminal variants is controversial, and dependent on the radiographic presentation and confidence that mural unicystic unicystic ameloblastoma has been excluded. A lateral cephalogram reveals a clear multilocular radiolucency with septae unicystic ameloblastoma Figure 5.


As this tumor shows considerable similarities with dentigerous cysts, both clinically and radiographically the biologic behaviour of this tumor group was reviewed. Marsupialization ameloblsstoma unicystic ameloblastoma: Open in a separate window. Based on the above features, a diagnosis of dentigerous cyst was made [ Figure 5 ].

Odontogenic gingival epithelial hamartoma. Thus, true nature of the ameloblstoma becomes evident only after enucleation when the entire specimen is available for microscopy [ 12 ].

Case Reports in Dentistry

Finally, the lesion was considered to be a UA with mural and intraluminal projections unicystic ameloblastoma plexiform pattern predominantly, with focal unicystic ameloblastoma of papillomatous growth.

However, Gardner has pointed out that there is a difference in biological behaviour between those lesions that are simply cystic or show intraluminal proliferation and those in which the epithelium penetrated and breaches the fibrous wall, therefore having the capacity to unicystic ameloblastoma the cancellous bone.

First is from the cell rests of Serres or remnants of dental lamina and second from the surface epithelium. Radiographically, most of ameloblastomas show multilocularity, whereas unicystic ameloblastomas show a single large unilocular radiolucency.